Our Factory

UPM has deep roots in Hong Kong. The company was established in town over 40 years ago, to this day the company remains headquartered in Hong Kong with our warehouse and sales office located in Dongguan Guangdong province and our main 35,000 square meter main production facility located in Jiangxi province.


In 2019 we transferred all our remaining main production facility in Dongguan to our existing facility in Jiangxi.
Subsequently our Dongguan facility was renovated to become the base of operations for our shipping and logistics as well as main sales team office.


Our current 35,000 square meter Jiangxi facility handles both our normal orders (such as rain ponchos, bags etc) and also our clean room manufacturing for food contact and our medical line items.

In-order for our company to ensure and maintain product quality, everything is manufactured in-house with the exception of small accessories and parts. From master batch and color mixing and material extrusion, to printing, cutting and sealing all production process is continuously monitored by our technicians with samples taken at random throughout the manufacturing process for quality checks.




Our in-house R&D department continuously develops products to suit any needs that our customers may have.